July 29, 2014

mold design process

Before starting mold design process, designer must completed many question about all the requirements which must be filled be the product. This is typical of question:

1. Question from customer.

+ How can the product be made?

+ Is the product expected to have long time?

+ How many times product be reused?

+ How many injection machine could used this mold?

+ How long time can finish this mols?

+ How many cavity have in this mold?

+ Properties of resin?

2. Question for designer.

+ How will the product be used?

+ Where will the product be used?

+ Who will use the product?

+ How important is product appearance?

+ How will the product be shipped?

+ What method of assembly, packaging, stacking, nesting,… will be used?

+ How to design product?

+ Where doese design choose gate local?

+ How many gate, typical of gate used in this mold?

+ How to choose parting line for product?

+ How to choose draft angle of product?

+ Properties of injection machine

+ Tolerance of product

i usually use process below.

mold design process

mold design process


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  1. Rodrigo Castellanos says:

    Hi, I writte from Guatemala, I want to know if you can help me, I need to design a thin wall mold for a plastic container, but I need to know how to design the stripper plate (the correct angle between the core and the plate) and what should be the cavity and core size, please let me know if you can help me.

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